2018 Tesla Model Y: Price, Design, Specs

How the sport utility vehicles are getting more and more popular these days, Tesla Company became aware of the fact that they to produce more SUVs. After they have presented its first model luxury sedan, the potential buyers needed to wait for three more years for the reveal of the Model X SUV. So, this time they have announced the production of the all new 2018 Tesla Model Y.

The small Tesla Model Y SUV has been presented in one image to the public at the Tesla`s 2017 Annual Shareholder Meeting in Mountain View. However it doesn`t show so much. What we know for sure, is that this new electric SUV will have almost the same dimensions as the Model 3. It will stand below the Model X with whom it is going to share some design cues.  As well, the new Y will represent the Company`s fourth all-electric model.

There are also many speculations about the platform which will underpin the brand new Y model, but we will talk about that later. It should be built at the new plant and it is expected to be the brand`s most popular model. All in all, when and if the Tesla Y Model sees the light of the day, its main competitors on the market will be: the BMW electric X3 and the Mercedes-Benz EQC models.

2018 Tesla Model Y front

2018 Tesla Model Y powertrain

When it comes to the engine of the 2018 Tesla Model Y, there is still no specific information or any details. However, we can assume that the engine which will power this small SUV will be similar to the ones of its siblings. As well, we expect it to be available with a few types of engines offering different performance and mileage.

For example, the larger Model X SUV has 75 and 90 kWh batteries with the range of 237 and 257 miles. So, if we see one of these units under its hood, we assume that the Tesla Model Y will provide more miles. It is because of its smaller body and dimensions.

Platform, exterior and interior design

There are many stories about the architecture which will underpin the 2018 Tesla Model Y. Firstly, there was a story that the new Model Y will ride on the third generation platform of the Model 3. However, later we have heard that this will not be the case. So, it will probably be based on the new, fourth generation Model 3`s architecture which should be produced in late 2019.

Speaking of the exterior design, the single picture which shows the new Tesla Y can only reveal its silhouette.   However, we can conclude that the Model X will inspire the Tesla`s next small SUV. They should share the same grille and headlamps. As well, it might get the same falcon wing door like its big brother Model X.

Unfortunately, there is no news and any details of its interior. However, we assume that the 2018 Tesla Model Y will adopt the similar design as the Model X.

2018 Tesla Model Y rear

Release date and price

As for the release date, we still don`t know when the 2018 Tesla Model Y will arrive precisely. Some sources claim that it should arrive in late 2018. As for the price, it could start at roughly $35,000.

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