2020 Honda Element: Redesign, Colors, USA Release Date

Back in the days, Honda Element was a very popular model when it was first introduced in 2003. Both the customers and experts were very positive about this small crossover. Now, the 2020 Honda Element is ready to conquer again. However, it is yet unknown if this model will arrive in the USA.

Element crossover is known for its practicality and unusual design. A boxy appearance is easy to recognize and new Element won’t depart from its predecessor. The 2020 Element will ride on the same platform that underpins the new Honda CR-V model. A real family vehicle with a modern and comfortable interior. Performances are solid, all-wheel-drive is available and the ride is very smooth and quiet.

2020 Honda Element exterior

Exterior Redesign

Speaking of exterior design, everything is speculation at this moment. Compact size and boxy shape will surely remain. However, some reports are saying the new 2020 Honda Element could arrive with a redesign. That means we can expect a completely new design language. On the other hand, Element will surely offer something unique to the customers.

As you probably know, Honda is already offering subcompact HR-V and compact CR-V models. Whatsoever, Element will be more practical than those two models and it will look unusual. The most likely outcome is modern design in a combination with the previous model appearance. That means Element will look very sharp, attractive and modern. Additional aluminum work will lower the overall vehicle’s weight.

2020 Honda Element Exterior Colors

The customers were divided about the odd appearance of the last Element model. However, one thing that everyone can agree upon is the Element’s exterior colors. Honda offered numerous paints and all of them were gorgeous and stylish. New 2020 Honda Element will most likely offer the same palette as its predecessor.

Knowing that we can expect some classic colors to return. That includes Crystal Black Pearl, Citrus Fire Metallic and Galapagos Green Metallic colors. Moreover, Cargo Khaki, Atomic Blue Metallic and Alabaster Silver Metallic paints will be available. Unfortunately, Royal Blue Pearl was discounted on the last model and it surely won’t be in the offer again.

2020 Honda Element colors

Interior Room and Technology

Another mystery about the all-new 2020 Honda Element is its interior. Boxier shape will remain so the headroom will be ample. Also, the taller roof will provide better practicality. Generally, the previous interior was very functional and the new one will be even better for sure. Technology-wise, Element will be one very modern crossover with plenty of standard equipment.

That includes a new infotainment system, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Comfort will be surely exceptional and leather upholstery will be optional. Safety department will get a huge boost and Element will offer numerous driver-assistance systems.

Two four-cylinder Engines

At least one thing about the new 2020 Honda Element is certain. Honda is already deploying familiar engines and one of them is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder unit. This engine will be standard and it will return 186 horses. A 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine will be optional and it will deliver over 210 horsepower.

The element will arrive with great fuel economy figures and impressive towing ability. On the other hand, an impressive tow rating is impressive for such a compact crossover. Don’t expect mind-blowing numbers in this category.

2020 Honda Element engine

2020 Honda Element USA Arrival Date and Price

The main dilemma about the 2020 Honda Element is its arrival on the American soil. It seems like no one knows the answer. On the other hand, Honda is already offering CR-V and HR-V models in the U.S. Knowing that, Japanese carmaker could boost the competition out there with the new Element. This model will cost around $24,000 for the base model.


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