The Comeback of the 2021 Ford Excursion – What to Expect?

Can we finally see the return of the Excursion SUV? New 2021 Ford Excursion could finally arrive and it will introduce plenty of drastic changes. The next-gen model will be based on the F-250 pickup truck. The Excursion is the world’s largest SUV. To compare, it is slightly larger than the Expedition MAX model and it also offers better capabilities, especially hauling capacity.

According to numerous reports, new Excursion will arrive with larger displacements. Moreover, both diesel and gasoline engines will be available. Ford plans to deliver impressive towing capacity and much more. Apart from that, the interior will look very modern and upright. Blue Oval manufacturer will provide numerous trim levels and possibly one special edition.

This is the most desirable discontinued SUV that we want to see again.

2021 Ford Excursion exterior

2021 Excursion Exterior Dimensions

In terms of styling, the new 2021 Ford Excursion will look very robust. Whatsoever, this SUV shares a lot of components with the F-250 truck. The front fascia will look very similar and we could see the same layout upfront. As we said, Excursion is the world’s largest SUV to this date. Nothing will change in the future, apart from small dimensional changes.

The previous-gen model was 226 inches long. To compare, Chevy Suburban is 224 inches long and Expedition MAX 222 inches. Now, the new 2021 Excursion will be 230 inches long, according to reliable reports. Unfortunately, the exact exterior design or exterior features are not available yet.

2021 Ford Excursion dimensions

Spacious Interior & Trim Levels

When it comes to interior design, the new 2021 Ford Excursion will mix some cues with F-250 truck and it will also offer something unique. There will be room for eight passengers. Moreover, thanks to its large dimensions and perfect layout, there will be a lot of space for everyone. Moreover, its cargo area has been rated at 120 cubic feet of space.

Some reports are suggesting even better cargo capacity. A list of features will largely depend on the trim level you opt for. Thanks to that, real luxury will start with Limited and Platinum models. King Ranch trim level is a possibility but everything is speculation at the moment.

2021 Ford Excursion interior

Engine Specs, Diesel, Towing Capacity

Under the hood, this full-size SUV will offer two engine options. Both units are large and should provide great performances and towing abilities. A 7.3-liter V8 gasoline engine will be one of the available options. This unit already powers Ford’s Super Duty lineup of trucks. However, the 2021 Ford Excursion will get an additional 45 horses which makes a total of 430 horsepower. With this engine, Excursion will tow somewhere between 9,000 and 10,000 pounds.

A diesel engine is not confirmed yet but it is a likely outcome for new Excursion. According to various rumors, a 6.7-liter turbodiesel with 450 hp could be in the offer. More importantly, this powertrain provides 930 lb-ft of torque. With such strong figures, Excursion will arrive with impressive towing capacity. Another speculation is a 3.0-liter V6 diesel with a turbocharger. However, this version will provide around 450 lb-ft of twisting power.

2021 Ford Excursion Return Date and Price

Blue Oval manufacturer will release more details about the new 2021 Ford Excursion in the coming months. Its comeback should happen in the first quarter of 2021. It will be the largest SUV in the world, again, and it will cost around $50,000.

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